Ahmed El Attar

General Manager

An Egyptian independent theatre director and playwright, Ahmed El Attar is the artistic director of D-CAF and Falaki Theatre, as well as the founder and manager of Orient Productions, Temple Independent Theatre Company and Studio Emad Eddin. With several degrees under his belt and having received recognition and awards from institutions all over the world, his work has been performed all over Europe and the Arab World.

Basma Hamed

Marketing & PR Manager

Sarah Fahmi

Marketing Brand Manager

Nevine El Ibiary

Director of Workshop Programmes & Residencies

Nevine El Ibiary has a BA in Theatre from the American University in Cairo (AUC) where she directed several plays and worked in various student and university productions.

Since her graduation in 2000, Nevine El Ibiary has been working with the Temple Independent Theatre Company, as assistant director and as tour manager with the company’s productions in Europe and the Middle-East. In 2005, she co-directed Mother I want to be a millionaire, and in 2006 About Othello or who’s afraid of William Shakespeare with Director Ahmed El Attar.

Nevine El Ibiary has also been working as a freelance producer in several projects with the Ford Foundation and the Young Arab Theatre Fund.

Since 2005, co-founder of Studio Emad Eddin Foundation, Nevine El Ibiary, has occupied the position of director of workshops and residencies where she conceives and organizes over two-dozen workshops and training programs every year covering mainly in the performing arts.

She is also the founder and director of 2B Continued Laboratory and Festival which produces four new works in theatre and dance for young Egyptian artists every other year in Cairo since 2008

Between 2010 and 2012, Nevine El Ibiary has managed SEE Foundation’s two-year Euro-Arab exchange Project funded by the European Commission and in partnership with various institutions in Europe and the Middle-East.

Ahmed Nagy

Chief Financial Officer

Mram Abdel Maqsoud

Production Manager

Nadeen Lotayef

Falaki Theater General Manager

Enas Abdel Rahman

Senior Graphic Designer

I am a twitchy and anxious graphic designer, I spend my days in pursuit of nice fonts, clean alignments and opportunities to impose my selfish view of how things should be. And who wants to make everyday a Razzel-Dazzel musical.

Dina Said

Workshops coordinator & Office Manager

Dina Said is working in the field of arts and culture since graduation from Faculty of Arts in 1999. She started her career as an actress and dancer in the governmental theater, worked as cultural activist and assistant director of Makan until becoming the office manager and workshop coordinator in Orient Productions.

Bassel Nazmy

Rehearsal Space Director

Wagih Fayzz

Rehearsal Space Co-director

Mohamed Hassan

Assistant Financial Officer

Reem Allam

D-CAF Executive Manager

Reem is the new Executive Manager of D-CAF. She has just been awarded with distinction a UK Master’s Degree in Arts, Festivals, and Cultural Management from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Reem’s passion for festivals management started by attending South by Southwest SXSW festival in Austin, U.S. in 2014 which then led to moving to Edinburgh for post-graduate study and working as Business Development and Marketing Coordinator for Just Festival as part of Edinburgh Fringe 2016. She also has a passion for both writing and acting where she worked as a journalist for Scotland’s Arts and Culture Magazine TV Bomb, and acted in several short-films awarded in festivals such as the 2013 Filmapalooza festival edition in L.A, U.S. Reem has been awarded the 2015/2016 UK Santander Scholarship Award, the 2014 Academic Achievement Cup for her Bachelor degree at the American University in Cairo, and the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society Membership Award.